Ford Mustang Bullitt, a movie car.

Steve McQueen returns to be present in the American brand, more powerful than ever, after the launch of the third generation of the Ford Mustang Bullitt.

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:47 AM

Game Development for beginners

We present the most powerful and accessible video game development engines.

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:44 AM


Discover what attracts them, scientifically, to them and to them, how it is linked in the era of big data and much more.

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:43 AM

Does AI only benefit the most powerful?

Despite the great benefits it brings, there are still many people who think about the harms of artificial intelligence, to the point of pointing out that it will only benefit the most powerful. That's what a recent study by Edelman and WEF says.

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:41 AM

Why health is not the leading sector in the adoption of artificial intelligence?

Nobody knows why, but studies that exist confirm that other sectors dominate the adoption of artificial intelligence. Like the recent one made by Microsoft and EY, which explains how Technology, Services and Banking are the most advanced.


Published on: 4/6/19, 4:40 AM

Keys to cholesterol control

To control our cholesterol levels it is necessary that we take into account certain key factors.

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:38 AM

What is the brightest star in the night sky?

It is called Sirius (or Sirius) and is 8,611 light-years away from Earth

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:36 AM

The emotional part is very important when buying a car

Our motor expert, José Manuel González, answers one of the most repeated questions when purchasing a new car. 
What car bought me?

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:27 AM

Hildegarda Von Bingen, an antimagist heroine

Today we speak of an extraordinary woman who was a linguist, abbess, biologist, naturist and an impressive music of the Middle Ages.

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:25 AM

The generations of portable consoles

With what portable video game console did you play? Do you still have any of these relics at home?

Published on: 4/6/19, 4:23 AM