Ford Mustang Bullitt, a movie car

Ford Mustang Bullitt, a movie car.

Steve McQueen returns to be present in the American brand, more powerful than ever, after the launch of the third generation of the Ford Mustang Bullitt.

Everything in life has an origin or, at least that's what they say. In the case of the Ford Mustang Bullitt, its beginning was cinema, and never better said. He was born in the movie "Bullitt", starring the legendary actor Steve McQueen and who gives his name to this very special version of the Mustang from which the third generation is launched this year. In this film one of the best scenes of pursuit of cinema cars of all times was lived, that was recorded in 1968 in the streets of San Francisco.

Three decades later the first generation of the Bullitt version was born. There were times that, in my view, were not the best lived in the automobile industry. And although aesthetics, as I was saying, followed the fashion of the nineties more than its DNA, the heart, lungs and voice were pure Mustangs. After appearing in the year 2000 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, how could it be otherwise, in 2001 the first generation of the Ford Mustang Bullitt was born. With a V8 engine of 4.6l and 269 HP and with the option of three colors, more than half were sold with the "Dark Highland Green".

Seven years later, in 2008, the second generation was born based on the model that was launched in 2005 and that undoubtedly returned to the origin of the Mustangs. In this case, with almost six thousand units manufactured only in the color Dark Highland Green and black, the result was clearly closer to the original. In the technical part mounted a 4.6-liter engine in V8 that gave 334CV thanks to the mechanics inherited from Ford Racing.

And in this year the third generation has arrived. Through the GT the Mustang puts on the game panel the most powerful Bullitt in history. With a 5.0 engine in V8 and specially boosted to 482 HP. Do not leave, keep surfing and you will not miss any details ...

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1. Half a century of history
Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the legendary film shot by Warner Bros., Ford once again makes moviegoers and motor lovers enjoy themselves.

2. Steve McQueen, much more than an actor
Bullitt was not just an isolated anecdote in the story of the legendary actor. During his life, gasoline and engine sounds were always present, in one way or another.

3. First Bullitt marketed in Europe
The Geneva Motor Show last year was the chosen dish for the presentation of the third generation, which for the first time was also marketed in Europe.

4. Exclusive Fastback
Only the Mustang Bullitt will be manufactured in this modality.

5. Undoubtedly "Bullitt" aesthetics
This special edition alone, and as almost always has happened in its history, will be available in the black Shadow colors and the classic Dark Green Highland.

6. Safe shoes
The Mustang is equipped with 19-inch wheels and Brembo red brake calipers.

7. Customized
Details both inside and outside the car that leave no doubt: we are facing a numbered unit of this envied special edition.

8. Interior of the Bullitt of the 21st Century
With the design language that undoubtedly positions us in the Americas, this edition has the most cutting-edge technology and safety of the brand.

9. The most technological Bullitt
Twelve inches house the instrument panel, which is totally digital and in which a pleasant "BULLITT" projection is projected that starts in green with an image of the car.

10. Each BULLIT is a member of the saga
As a numbered special edition, each car has the number of the unit in its interior, in the area of ​​the dashboard.

11. Continuous winks
The Mustang has different details inside that indicate that we are in front of this numbered edition. Recaro seats with green seams or the white dial of the gear lever are some of them.

12. Premium sound
One thousand watts of power through twelve speakers that distribute the B & O Play sound system inside. It also has a subwoofer with dual mobile coil.

13. Motor
Without any type of option and without needing it, mounts a V8 of 5.0 liters improved with a system of atmospheric feeding, valve of admission, body of acceleration of 87 mm and module of control of picture / engine of the Shelby Mustang GT350 and 459 HP, with CO2 emissions of 270 g / km.

14. And what does it cost?
The new Ford Mustang "Bullitt Special Edition" has a suggested retail price of 55,550 euros.
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Published on: 4/6/19, 4:47 AM